Police have become ‘bhakshaks’ from ‘rakshaks’: Congress on Kerala rape case

New Delhi [India], Nov. 4 : Congress leader Barkha Singh Shukla questioned the credibility of the police after a 32-year-old gangrape victim from Thrissur, accused the police of mentally torturing her by asking inappropriate questions during their investigation, and asked where will the women and public go, when the police turn 'bhakshak' (attackers) from 'rakshaks'(protectors).

Speaking to ANI on the incident and how the public will approach the police for justice, if such an attitude prevails amongst them, Shukla said, "It is a matter of shame and regret.

Due to such fears, the violence and the rape inflicted on the women residing in the rural areas do not come to the fore.

Whether it is a court or police, they are being questioned in such a manner that they do not file complaints due to fear and shame.

When police who is 'rakshak' (protector) becomes 'bhakshak' (attackers) and poses such kinds of questions, where will the women go, where will the public go?" She further added that such people should be immediately suspended, removed from jobs and punished.

Echoing similar sentiments, former NCW Chief Mamta Sharma, "The Kerala incident is very unfortunate. The lady has been gangraped, when she reported and they questioned during the investigation, she was asked who she enjoyed it the most, and I think such insensitivity is very unfortunate for our country." Stressing the importance of sensitization programmes for the police to handle such victims, she said, "The Kerala government should suspend such policemen, whether an employee or officer.

An enquiry should ensue the suspension and I would say the person would be removed from the job. The National Commission for Women should also take action and send a few members for enquiry into the matter." The victim, who was allegedly gang-raped by her husband's friends in Kerala, said cops made fun of her instead of acting against the culprits and asked her 'whom did you enjoy most?' State chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Director General of police Loknath Behra have promised to book the guilty.

Probe has been ordered into the rape allegation and the conduct of the police officials..

Source: ANI