Post stabbing incident of last year, Malvi Malhotra returns to set with ‘Geisha’

Mumbai, Feb 18 : Actress Malvi Malhotra says being of a spiritual mindset has helped her tide over the dark memories of her recent past.

Malvi had been hospitalised last October after a producer stabbed her thrice for rejecting his proposal.

"I tell myself it is a new beginning every day and that the only way to go about living is being strong.

I am a spiritual person and that helps me keep that dark memory away from me. I am emerging stronger every day. I have also started talking to other girls and women and have started encouraging them to learn self-defence or call out anyone who is troubling them.

Becoming strong is a slow but steady process," Malvi tells IANS.

It took Malvi four months to return in front of the camera, and right now she is focussed on work.

Known for her role of Pooja in the TV series "Udaan", Malvi recently made digital debut with the OTT show "Geisha".

"I feel very happy to be back on set after four months. This is my first work after that incident I've been through last year, so it is refreshing. I just love to be on a set. I just love to work. It's like food to my soul," she says.

On her role in "Geisha", she says: "I am very excited about this and currently shooting for it.

Geisha is a Japanese term and it's a very unique title for the show. I am quite fascinated with the name. I am playing the lead in this series and my character's name is Divya Sharma. She is a smalltown girl who comes to Bombay to become an actress and the show narrates the struggle she faces.

The viewers will get to see the journey of an actress from struggle to reaching the top and to downfall again."

The series is directed by Raaj Verma, also stars Aman Verma and Tarun Khanna.

Having worked in TV as well as ion OTT now, Malvi sees the difference between the two platforms.

She feels television is a closed medium and the audience prefers finite series.

"I would say TV is a closed medium.

Tv shows sometimes are dragging and it runs for ages. The audience likes to watch finite series. In web series actors can work on specific scripts which do not change, this space gives you the freedom and in coming years there will be more and more web platforms," she says.



Source: IANS