Punjab to give unique number to plots of land to prevent frauds

Chandigarh, Oct 14 : The Punjab government has decided to assign a unique number to government residential plots and approved colonies in the revenue records that will show the "khasra" as well as plot numbers, an official said on Sunday.

The move will prevent property frauds, and save buyers from swindlers who try to sell a piece of land several times over, the official added.

Under the plan, those who want to purchase property in cities or their peripheries will get a separate "khewat" (ownership) number, which will do away with the problem of a common account (sanjhak) of land.

State's Revenue Minister Sukhbinder Singh Sarkaria said the revenue records would be updated in such a manner that when a coloniser sells a plot, a "tatima" and field-book will be prepared for that particular plot so that every plot gets a unique number in the revenue records.

A map of the residential colony would be superimposed on the revenue map, he said in a statement.

Thus, a specific plot will get registered in the buyer's name rather than a part of the colony, as was the practice earlier.

Moreover, common land for roads, parks, streets and drains cannot be sold out now, because such land shall constitute a separate ownership in the revenue record.

This will end the illegal practice of selling the same piece of land over and over again.

"Complications due to complex revenue record will be eliminated," the minister said.

The measure is being initiated as a pilot project in Sector-79 of Mohali by the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority.



Source: IANS