Rahul Gandhi frustrated, says P.P.Choudhary

New Delhi [India], Dec. 22: Minister of State for Law and Justice P.P.Choudhary on Thursday said that Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is frustrated and is making baseless allegations already rejected by the Supreme Court.

Choudhary told ANI, "When the Supreme Court has dismissed it already, then why is Rahul Gandhi putting all these allegations on Prime Minister Narendra Modi? It is shocking, the level at which Rahul Gandhi is thinking, talking and putting blames.

It proves that he is frustrated. If he will give such statements, then people will understand that these statements are baseless." While addressing a rally in Mehsana, Gujarat on Wednesday, Gandhi accused Prime Minister Modi of having taken money in bribes from the Sahara conglomerate.

He also said Modi's demonetisation exercise will not nab the corrupt money hoarders in India, and target only the honest people instead.

Gandhi said that Prime Minister Modi's aim is to keep the common man's money in banks for at least six-seven months so that he can waive off the loans of rich.

Mehsana is Prime Minister Modi's home district. It is also the economic hub of north Gujarat, where the Congress has a stronghold..

Source: ANI