Rajasthan government orders probe of Bharatpur wedding hall collapse

Bharatpur (Rajasthan) [India], May 11 : Rajasthan Health Minster KaliCharan Saraf , on Thursday, described the death of over 24 people in a wedding hall collapse in Bharatpur as the most unfortunate.

"It is pretty unfortunate that twenty two people were killed and thirty were injured as the wall of a wedding hall collapsed in Rajasthan's Bharatpur.

Chief Minster Vasundhra Raje sent me here to review the situation," Saraf told media here. He said a committee has been constituted to probe the incident. "Both PM and CM have raised suspicions over the Bharatpur accident at the Annapurna Marriage Home and have set up a committee to look into the matter.

The committee will be headed by police officer Dinesh MN. Another probe committee is being set up under the Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) to examine and evaluate all operating marriage homes in the state," Saraf added.

The UIT committee will be headed by UIT secretary, fire officer and the superintendent of police. The reports will be handed over to district collector. Third probe will exclusively deal with hospitals. "Third and final probing committee will be exclusively set up to look into medical affairs. To examine if timely medicines and treatment is meted out to the patients or not. This committee will be supervised by the medical head officer of Bharatpur zone and officers found guilty will be punished,"said Saraf.

District Magistrate N.K. Gupta said the incident was triggered by a thunderstorm and rainfall in..

Source: ANI