Rani Mukerji: Power with women to change how she’s represented

Mumbai, March 8 : Actress Rani Mukerji says the power lies with women to change the perception about how they are represented in every aspect of filmmaking.

On the occasion of Womens Day on Monday, Rani added that if women celebrated each others success, they would be heard all the more.

"In my journey in the Hindi film industry, I have realised that the power is with the women to change the perception about how women are represented in every aspect of film-making.

We have to support each other, root for each other and empower each other, so that the road is smoother for others who want to make a name for themselves in the male-driven industry.

We have to celebrate each other and our successes collectively to ensure that we are all heard all the more," Rani said.

She considers herself fortunate to have got the opportunity to bring fantastic characters to life.

"As an artiste, I have been fortunate enough to play some really fantastic self-reliant women on screen and live their inspiring stories closely.

Like me, many actresses over generations have tried to change the conversation about how women are portrayed on screen," she said.

Rani feels blessed that through her films she was given an opportunity to change the conversation of female representation in India.

Rani's last two films were "Hichki" and "Mardaani 2".

She says she wants to continue finding unconventional scripts as these while representing women on screen.

"I have throughout my career made conscious decisions to portray strong women characters on screen who led by example for society.

I have chosen to play women characters who can command respect, because of their uninhibited life choices," she said.

"I will be inclined to pick projects that have a powerful story to tell through the eyes of a bold, upright woman who doesn't fear voicing her opinions and is confident about being herself," she summed up.



Source: IANS