Rapper Krsna: I am not a fan of virtual concerts

New Delhi, March 2 : Delhi-based rapper Krsna's "Still Here" is his first full-length album in over seven years.

He says a majority of the songs on the album were written during lockdown last year.

"The last album I put out was in 2014, so I thought it was about time I put another project out, since my listeners were constantly asking for more music," says the 31-year-old rapper.

"A lot of the songs in the album were songs I wrote during lockdown. So, some of them are very introspective and were written at a time when we really didn't know what was going on in the world, and there was uncertainty about when we would be able to go out again," says Krsna.

Krsna insists that the album doesn't have a common concept that binds all the tracks together.

"It is as diverse as my thought process has been over the past few months. Sonically, it might follow a pattern but my idea of an album is to capture the state of mind I am in, during that period.

My album is a reflection of all of those emotions that I've been feeling over the past few months," says Krsna.

The album, Krsna informs, has been "sprinkled with a few radio friendly melodies to get to a wider audience", and also sees him collaborate with five artistes including rappers Raftaar and Badshah.

"Collaborations are important for albums because they help bring other artistic flavours to the project.

All five have brought their A-game to the project. Collaborations really help you understand how other artistes work and learn from them, too," he says.

Just like every artiste, Krsna , too had to adapt to the "new world order" due to the ongoing pandemic.

However, he is not a big fan of virtual concerts and is optimistic about live shows returning soon.

"I think once Covid numbers start dropping, everyone will be back to normal.

I don't think there will be any lasting impact apart from people wearing masks in crowded places -- much like most Asian countries have been doing for years.

I am not a fan of virtual concerts. To me a virtual concert is as good as watching a music video. The experience of being at the venue to watch the performance is and will always be unmatched," he signs off.



Source: IANS