Refresh your home decor with marble trays, pastel walls

New Delhi, May 24 : Bored with your current home decor? Add in some pastel paint, floral accents, fresh patterns and silver home decor products, suggest experts.

Vibhor Jain, Director at ArgentOr Silver and Anchal Khosla, Creative designer and founder of Intiki, have listed few ways of going about it:

* Opt for lampshades and photo frames for the corners, with trending designs as it will raise the style quotient instantly.

* Taper candles and decor products made from sterling silver are best options as they are meant to add vibrant effect to your house.

Choosing enamel or lotus items with pastel walls will be a perfect match and wise selection for refreshing your home in spring.

* The classic look of silver is known for its quality and flawless looks.

Unique silver tea sets and divine figurines with stones like rose quartz and lapis will give your home a luxe effect and the use of copper stones with silver will bring regal and Victorian designs to life.

* For a light and summery feeling, serve your cocktails and lemonades on terrazzo coasters.

They add the right amount of pastel touch to your serve ware.

* Marble cheese boards keep your food cool and look great as display when hosting a formal dinner or a games night.

Introduce a splash of print in your room with marble trays with chevron and stripe inlay work. Use them for your dresser, bedside, bathroom or even as a console piece.

* Make your evenings more intimate with a mirror tray.

Perfect for a coffee table or display piece. Light some tea lights on it and place a vase your favourite summer flowers.



Source: IANS