Responses galore to NY author’s query on therapists’ advice

New York, Nov 27 : When Caroline Moss, an author from New York's Brooklyn, tweeted to ask for the wisdom people received while undergoing therapy, she may not have quite expected the flurry of responses she got.

On November 25, Moss wrote on @CarolineMoss: "If you go to therapy quote tweet this with the best thing you learned at therapy that way everyone else can get free therapy."

At the last count, the post was retweeted 8.9K times, with 44.7K likes.

A Twitter user commented: "Learn to not stress about things you can't change.

Learn to allocate times where you can get lost in your feelings and times when you are able to enjoy yourself.

Take precautionary steps to set yourself up for later, whether it's mentally, physically, or professionally."

Another posted: "If someone in your life is toxic/abusive/manipulative/homophobic etc, it's ok to set and keep boundaries to limit his/her role in your life, completely in some cases.

The toxic people are the ones that need to do the emotional work, not the people who they are treating poorly."

A user remarked: "Why do you desperately want to change people you know won't change? They won't change but you can.

You can learn to forgive them but not to forget. You can change the way you see them. By knowing they won't change, you can move forward."

"The best thing a therapist ever told me is that society doesn't need to be the one to set me schedule.

I'm allowed to eat breakfast at 11, go to bed at 1am. There's no correct mold to fit, just find whatever works best for me," wrote another Twitter user.

Another user commented: "Avoid saying "should".

It's too easy to fall into pressuring yourself and pushing yourself too much. Reframe and rephrase. "I should exercise". "I like how I feel after exercise". "I should do laundry". "I want clean clothes".

In reply, one Twitter user remarked: "My therapist phrased this as 'stop shoulding all over yourself' and it stuck because it's funny."



Source: IANS