Ronit Roy: Crime shows help create awareness

Mumbai, Feb 28 : Actor Ronit Roy will be seen in the upcoming crime show Jurm Aur Jazbaat. He feels the genre is helping create awareness in society.

"I think they (crime shows) do (create awareness).

I used to do a show called 'Adalat' and I have heard a lot of people (saying) that after watching Adalat their children or they themselves studied law.

There is a strong influence because real life imitates the reel life, and reel life imitates real life.

It is a circle," Ronit told IANS.

However, he insists Jurm Aur Jazbaat is an entertainment show.

"We are not making this show as a social awakening venture, it is an entertainment show," he added.

"There are various reasons for doing this show.

It is kind of like returning to TV. It is a crime thriller. The story is so good (and) the concept is so good. The people who are making it are good. I have a lot of commitment and they were ready to shoot as and when I had the time," he said.

Ronit says the makers were understanding and they actually came down to shoot in Nainital while he was already there, working on a web-series.

"They came to Nainital when I was shooting for my web show and they came to shoot as and when I was on my break.

So, it is kind of a win-win situation for everybody. Then I heard the promise and potential of the show and it led me to do this," he said.



Source: IANS