Rufus Sewell impresses viewers in first episode of ‘Victoria’

London [England], Aug. 30 : Actor Rufus Sewell left millions of hearts pounding as dashing Lord Melbourne after the first episode of ITV's new period drama 'Victoria'.

The actor plays Queen Victoria's first Prime Minister, who helped her prepare for her coronation. As per a Daily Mail report, though the 48-year-old actor was much acclaimed, he was bemoaned shortly after viewers noted the chemistry between him and Jenna Coleman, who plays the young Victoria.

The viewers expressed their views on social media. Sheila Beard wrote: "Rufus Sewell stole the show as Lord M, shame she fell for Albert." Actor Morgan Jeffrey said: "If anything, Rufus Sewell is a bit TOO good in Victoria.

Don't want Albert to swoop in and ruin things. Damn your effortless charm Sewell." While viewers were enthralled with the sizzling Lord Melbourne some even commended Coleman saying she was too pretty as Queen Victoria.

In the show, she looked stunning donning elaborate gowns as she played the young Alexandrina Victoria struggling to cope up with the demands of climbing the throne.

As per records, 'Victoria' drew an average of 5.4 million viewers during the hour and half episode, beating the BBC remake of 'Are You Being Served' which attracted five million.

Source: ANI