Russia condemns Pentagon’s response about Mosul civilian deaths

Dhaka [Bangladesh], Apr. 3 : Russia on Sunday condemned Pentagon's comments on the civilian casualties in Mosul which by calling it "absurd." Russia's Ministry of Defense ridiculed the US military official's comments about the US-led coalition's possible role in more than 100 civilian deaths in Mosul last month, reported the CNN.

"Absurd statements of the Pentagon representatives justifying civil casualties caused by American bombing in Iraq give more information on the operation planning level and the alleged supremacy of the American "smart" bombs," the statement reads issued by the Russia.

Russian statement came after coalition spokesperson Col. Joseph Scrocca's told the reporters last week that, "ISIS is smuggling civilians into buildings so we won't see them and trying to bait the coalition to attack." Scrocca also said the coalition had observed the new ISIS tactic on video surveillance, but US officials have not released the footage.

Source: ANI