Russia slams US strike on pro-Syrian government forces

Nicosia [Russia], May 19 : Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Friday slammed the recent 'illegitimate' US-led coalition's strike against pro-Syrian government forces.

"Whatever the reason for the decisions that the US command made to carry out that strike was, the strike is illegitimate, it is illegal and a regular gross violation of the Syrian Arab Republic's sovereignty," Sputnik news quoted Lavrov as telling reporters.

According to Lavrov, this move means US's desire to prompt oppositionists and some extremists to fight the Syrian government.

"Again we see the desire of Jabhat al-Nusra [terrorist organization banned in Russia] and those who cooperate with it, to leave [the group's activities] outside the coalition's military activities.

Again and again we see the desire and confirmation of this desire as for the deployment of oppositionists and some extremists, including from Jabhat al-Nusra, to fight against the legitimate government of Syria," Lavrov said commenting on the US strike.

He added that Moscow is inquiring about the details of the recent US strike and that it is alarmed that the general understanding of the need to unite efforts against terrorists is eroding.

"We are still clarifying all the details, but according to some reports, several dozen civilians died as a result of the strike.

I repeat, all this needs to be double-checked," he said. "We are very much worried that the general, seemingly looming, understanding of the need to unite the efforts of all who really oppose on the ground and in the air the terrorists of Daesh and former Jabhat al-Nusra [terrorist organizations banned in Russia] is beginning to erode," he concluded.

Yesterday, the U.S. forces in Syria bombed pro-Bashar al-Assad convoy at Tanf base that were advancing well inside an "established de-confliction zone", according to reports.

A convoy of 20 pro-regime vehicles were headed towards AT Tanf near the Syria-Iraq-Jordan border and thirteen of the vehicles entered a de-confliction zone in the Homs Governorate , which was perceived as a threat to US-allied troops.

The airstrikes were considered to be carried out in "self-defence" given the militias proximity to a base used by elite US and coalition forces.

Source: ANI