Ryan Gosling feels enraged by choice of font for ‘Avatar’

New Delhi [India], Oct. 2 : Hey Ladies, if you ever want to write to Ryan Gosling. Please do not use this font. The actor kick-started the season 43 of 'Saturday Night Live' and gave fans one of the most hilarious sketches in 'SNL's recent history.

In a pre-taped SNL sketch video titled 'Papyrus,' his character freaks out over the fact that the font of the same name, so unpopular that people have even created anti-Papyrus blogs, is used in the logo of the 2009 film 'Avatar'.

Gosling's therapist, played by cast member Kate McKinnon, asks, "Avatar, the movie from like nine years ago?" To which he replies, "Yeah.

He just highlighted 'Avatar,' he clicked the drop-down menu and then he just randomly selected Papyrus, like a, like a thoughtless child, just wandering by a garden, just yanking leaves along the way." While James Cameron is busy in making the sequels for 'Avatar', Gosling is more worried for the fact if they have changed the font for it.

She asks him, "And so now you're worried about the sequels that are coming out?" Gosling replies, "They're making more? So they changed the artwork? They fixed it." And it turns out that they haven't.

Gosling's character then rises off the couch and flips a wooden coffee table angrily. "He just got away with it," he narrates as he drives in his car, adding, "This man, this professional graphic designer.

Was it laziness? Was it cruelty?" The sketch ends with the 'La La Land' stalking the graphic designer.

He tells him while standing in the rain outside his house, "I know what you did. I KNOW WHAT YOU DID!".

Source: ANI