Sagoon files for Regulation A+, plans to raise (Dollar) 20 million starting February 2017

New Delhi [India], Jan.10 : Sagoon (, a US/India based social commerce startup, announced the filing of a Regulation A+ (MINI-IPO) with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to offer an investment opportunity mostly to a large pool of potential public investors who already are a part of Sagoon users, fans and supporters.

After the offering is qualified by the SEC, the company plans to sell 869,564 shares of Class C Common Stock at (Dollar) 23 per share; the minimum investment will be 13 shares, costing (Dollar) 299.

The offering will be conducted on a best efforts basis through our own website, where the Offering Circular relating to the offering will be posted.

Govinda Giri, the founder of Sagoon, said, "I always wanted to offer this opportunity to my own community, and all those fans and supporters who believe in our dream, so that each one of them gets a chance to help us change the world and receives the potential financial benefits that Sagoon aims to share." "We believe that we are the pioneer of social media monetisation, which is one the biggest innovations in the social media landscape.

Our mission is to build a rewarding life through the innovative social path: Connect. Share. Earn. This could be an excellent opportunity for anyone who has faith in our mission. Currently, we are accepting 'indication of interests' from potential investors and once we are qualified by the SEC, people from India, US, Canada and other parts of the worldwill be able to convert their interest into aninvestmentas long as it's legal in their country," Giri added.

Source: ANI