Samia Shahid’s ex-husband has ‘criminal record’, reveals probe

Gujrat (Pakistan), Aug. 1 : Investigation into the alleged "honour killing" of British woman Samia Shahid in Pakistan has revealed that her ex-husband and cousin Chaudhry Shakil, who is accused of the murder, has a criminal record.

Mangla SHO Aqeel Abbas confirmed that Shakil had previously faced 18-month jail term on charges of firing and injuring Gul Zaman, a resident of Dhok Sahi near Pandoori over a land dispute, reports the Dawn.

Shakeel had also contested the last local bodies elections for the slot of a general councilor of his village in November 2015, but lost.

Reportedly, a paternal aunt of the deceased woman had also died under identical circumstances nearly 25 years ago since she had also sought divorce from her husband which her family was not ready to accept.

"Samia's family, including her father and cousins, are known for using strong arm tactics to maintain their influence in the area," said a resident of Pandoori.

Samia's killing has come under global spotlight after her second husband Syed Mukhtar Kazim alleged that his 28-year-old wife, a beautician from Bradford, was killed by her father and her first husband this month after being called to Pakistan on the pretence that her father was gravely ill.

Initially, Samia's family claimed that she died of a cardiac arrest while her father later said that she committed suicide.

Source: ANI