Secret Service laptop with Trump Tower evacuation, floor plans stolen

New York [U.S.], Mar. 18 : A Secret Service agent's laptop containing highly sensitive information regarding floor plans and evacuation protocol for Trump Tower, was stolen from his car on Thursday morning and has still not been found.

Quoting senior New York law enforcement officials, CNN reports that the laptop was highly encrypted and cannot be traced or erased by officials remotely, leaving the information at risk of being discovered.

The agent has described the incident as a compromise of national security. Her lapel assignment pins that gave her access to security details that protected Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the pope and the United Nations General Assembly, were also stolen.

The laptop and pins were in a backpack that was taken from the car, which was parked in the agent's driveway.

The backpack has since been found, but not the laptop. "Secret Service-issued laptops contain multiple layers of security, including full disk encryption, and are not permitted to contain classified information.

An investigation is ongoing and the Secret Service is withholding additional comment until the facts are gathered," Secret Service spokeswoman Cathy Milhoan Milhoan said in a statement, further requesting anyone with information regarding the crime to contact the New York Police Department and the US Secret Service New York Field Office.

Source: ANI