Shikha Talsania: Everybody likes to look good

Mumbai, Feb 4 : Looking a certain way always plays a major part in being a Bollywood actress. However, Shikha Talsania says she has learnt to tackle the pressure of looking good.

"I am saying this from my point of view and how I look at it.

It's that everybody likes to look good and it is a part of your job where you have to be ready for whatever comes your way, and if you need to transform or change your physical appearance for the part and character," Shikha told IANS.

She looks at the pressure in a positive way. "Build up muscles or lose a lot of weight or change your hair or make-up or have prosthetics. I think it is a collaborative effort to bring the character to life. So, I would look at it like that," she added.

Several Bollywood celebrities such as Sonakshi Sinha, Zareen Khan, Vidya Balan and Parineeti Chopra have in the past faced severe bodyshaming on social media.



Source: IANS