Silly reasons why you have been refused a second date!

London [UK], June 3 : First dates set the base if you're going to have a second date or not! Sometimes you go on a first date and think it's gone great only to later learn the other person doesn't want to go out again.

What can you possibly have done wrong? And sometimes the shoe is on the other foot - maybe you hated their jacket, maybe they held their knife like a pencil, or maybe they licked their fingers at the table - and one tiny thing about the person is a deal-breaker.

A petty one, sure, but reason enough not to want to see them again. People are now sharing the pettiest reasons they haven't gone on a second date with someone. Often it's a dinner table habit that can put your date off: For one man, the fact that his date picked up her phone straight after eating BBQ wings without wiping her hands was reason enough not to see her again, reports The Independent.

For another guy, it all went to pot when the bread basket came out: "She ate all the bread you get before the meal arrives.

I wanted some of the bread. Deleted her number and blocked her when I got home." It's brutal, and you have to wonder why he didn't just eat a piece before it was all gone if he wanted some.

But the thing about petty reasons is that they often can't be explained - as one person made clear when they said that a "weird gum to tooth ratio" was reason enough not to go on a second date.

Another woman said her date came to pick her up wearing a bowler hat and tie-dye shirt, which put her off from the start.

Choose your outfits wisely, folks. But then again, it's probably best to show your true self from the off. If someone speaks in a way that annoys you, there's no future really, as many people explained. "She enunciated every word ending in ing with a 'guh'. F***inguh makes me so upset," said one person. One woman said that after meeting online, she was surprised to find her date's voice was higher than she'd expected: "It completely caught me off guard.

I couldn't get over it, second date never happened." "This person was a perfect storm of mispronunciations that drove me to distraction," said another person.

"'Expecially,' 'something eltse,' 'chipolte' 'irregardless,' and 'pacifically' all in one date. "I thought I was being had on, but nope, checked out his FB and he was even worse at words online." But many people in the discussion agreed, with one saying they were "fighting murderous urges just from reading that." Sometimes, it's when you find out something very peculiar about your date, for example, that they have a fear of spoons.

"I noticed she moved it off to the side when food came, and she noticed me noticing," he said. "She's not terrified at the sight of them, but refuses to eat with one, citing the way they feel in her mouth.

"She said she eats soup and ice cream seldomly with a fork. It was around the time that I was trying to figure out how forky a spork had to be that she said 'I don't really want to talk about this anymore.' I tried to move on, but it was in the back of my mind the whole time." So there was no second date for spoon-phobic lady.

Source: ANI