Sisodia calls for high-level meeting to review air pollution in Delhi

New Delhi [India], Nov. 1 : Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has called for a high-level meeting to ensure work at war-footing and review the air pollution in Delhi.

Reviewing the ambient air quality status of the national capital, especially to review the damage post Diwali, the Ministry of Environment and Forests yesterday summoned the concerned Secretaries of NCR on November 4 to assess the situation.

It was observed that open burning of solid waste in and around Delhi, vehicular emissions in Delhi, dust by the roadside and around construction sites in Delhi and stubble burning of crop residue in neighbouring states of Delhi are major contributors to pollution in the national capital.

The problem has been accentuated due to relatively low wind speeds and lower temperatures, resulting in reduced dispersion of pollutants in Delhi, it was further observed.

Therefore, it has been decided that the Central Pollution Control Board would under relevant statutory provisions available direct - a) Municipal local bodies in and around Delhi to forthwith take all possible measures to check open burning of solid waste.

b) Municipal local bodies in and around Delhi to strictly enforce rules related to prevention of fugitive emissions from construction activities.

c) Punjab, Haryana and other NCR States to effectively enforce ban on stubble burning in agriculture fields.

For this purpose, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has summoned the concerned Secretaries of NCR States on 4th November to review the situation and to further deliberate on the strategy to minimise occurrences of open burning in agriculture fields.

d) All public road owning agencies in Delhi to ensure that roadsides are watered periodically to arrest re-suspension of dust in ambient air.

e) Delhi Police to effectively ensure that movement of traffic at busy intersections in Delhi is streamlined to minimise pollution due to vehicular emissions.

Source: ANI