Sisodia most popular Delhi MLA, finds survey

New Delhi, Feb 3 : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's deputy Manish Sisodia has earned a distinction of sorts by ranking as the most popular Delhi MLA, according to findings of a survey conducted by Neta App.

The survey findings, released on Monday, listed Sisodia as the highest-rated leader in Delhi, even surpassing Kejriwal.

Based on the ratings on the App, Sisodia, who represents Patparganj constituency in east Delhi, was on top, scoring 4.3 out of the total 5.

He was closely followed by Jagdeep Singh (Aam Aadmi Party) from Hari Nagar scoring 4 out of 5, Dinesh Mohaniya (AAP) from Sangam Vihar, and Ajesh Yadav (AAP) from Badli constituency.

While figuring in the list of top five performers, Kejriwal, who is the MLA from New Delhi, ranked fourth with a scoring 3.5 out of 5 points.

Interestingly, no MLAs from the BJP, the only other party in the current Delhi Assembly, have made it to the top 5.

"Neta App today released the leader ratings for Delhi's sitting MLAs ahead of Delhi Assembly Elections 2020.

The ratings which are based on the votes of 6.5 lakh respondents over the last 2 years, reflect how Delhiites perceive the performance of their political representatives," said a statement released by Neta App.

Key parameters on which people decided the ratings of their MLAs included their work in areas like health and education.

On basis of the data, the average rating for the AAP MLAs stood at 2.51 while it was 2.4 for the BJP MLAs, despite BJP having a much smaller base (4 seats).



Source: IANS