Six ways to protect your baby’s skin this winter (Health Tips)

New Delhi, Oct 18 : Winter is here, which means your baby needs extra care and attention. Baby skin requires a lot more nourishment during winter, as the temperature drop tends to make the skin dry.

Winter also brings with it various skin problems for babies, as their skin is more delicate when compared to adults.


Subhashini N.S., Ayurveda Expert, Discovery Sciences Group, The Himalaya Drug Company, shares a few tips to nourish your baby's skin.

Oil massages: Nourishing the skin with regular oil massages before bath significantly reduces skin dryness and improve skin softness.

Choose an oil infused with olive and winter cherry (Ashvagandha); this helps improve the skin tone and soothes the baby's skin.

Baby bath: It is advisable to bathe the baby once in two days with lukewarm water.

If the water is too hot, it can hurt the top, protective layer of the skin. Bathing a baby for long can also strip the moisture off the skin. Hence, reducing bath time during winters is recommended.

Using cleansers: Using a gentle cleanser infused with the goodness of aloe vera, almond oil and milk, can help prevent post-bath dryness in the baby's skin and soothe excessively dry skin.

Moisturising: Using these post-bath enhances the skin's wellness by locking in the moisture, which keeps the skin hydrated.

Opt for a baby lotion enriched with natural oils and licorice (Yashtimadhu) to keep the skin supple and nourished.

Creams: Using a baby cream with the goodness of country mallow (Bala) and licorice (Yashtimadhu) will condition and protect your baby's skin, especially chapped cheeks, "crawler's knee", tender nose, and rubbed elbows.

Wrapping the baby: Avoid wrapping your baby in a woollen sweater or blanket directly, as the rough fibre will scratch baby's sensitive skin, leading to a rash.

It's best to use breathable winter clothing to keep the baby warm.

"Baby's cheeks, knees, tender nose and elbows are most susceptible to dryness and chapping, which worsens during winters.

The skin is naturally hydrated and moist, and using products with harsh chemicals worsens the skin condition.

Ensure you use products infused with natural ingredients that provide gentle care," says Dr. Subhashini.

Almond and olive oils, aloe vera, winter cherry, licorice, honey, and milk are a few handy herbs/ingredients which are known to lock in moisture and will help provide the best skin care for your baby during winters.



Source: IANS