Special ‘ardas’ held in NY for Hillary’s victory in US elections

New York [USA], Nov. 7 : With just a day left for the much awaited US presidential elections, special 'ardas' (prayers) was organised by Indian American businessman Sant Singh Chatwal for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's victory.

Besides the members of the Indian Sikh community, the Americans in New York also took part in the prayers and wished for the victory of the Democratic presidential nominee.

Das Gyani Bhupinder Singh, Head Granthi, Gurudwara Sikh Culture, New York, said that they conducted the 'ardas' because Hillary not only works for the betterment of humanity but also addresses the concerns of the Sikh community residing in the United States.

"Today we conducted a special 'ardas' for the success of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the US elections.

We have prayed for her success because we believe Hillary works for the betterment of humanity and in particular the Sikh community residing in America.

All of us are praying that she creates history by becoming the first female President of the United States," Singh told ANI.

Others attending the prayers for Hillary's success said they were not only hopeful but were confident that the American population would do the right thing by electing Hillary as the US President.

"I hope the American public would do the right thing and Hillary would be a great leader for all of us.

She is the only leader in the country who is leading with the Indian population behind her," one of the participants said.

Chatwal, who organised the prayers, said Hillary is one of those leaders who can make the economy stable by creating more employment and providing more business opportunities for the Indian Americans.

"24 hours before the elections we requested the head priest to pray so that tomorrow Hillary has a sure shot victory.

Hillary is a great friend of Indo-Americans. I live in this country so I want someone to become the President who can make the economy stable," Chatwal told ANI.

"She is also committed to resolving the immigration problem which will be very helpful," he added..

Source: ANI