Special Forces kill 1,551 insurgents in nine months: Afghanistan

Kabul [Afghanistan], Dec. 29 : The Afghanistan Ministry of Interior (MoI) has said that Afghan National Police (ANP) special forces have killed at least 1,551 insurgents over the past nine months, including 400 key insurgent commanders.

It said they had managed in this time to foil a number of plots to take over major cities and districts, reports Tolo News.

The MoI statistics reveal that Special Forces carried out 1,482 special operations during this period with many operations targeting high profile insurgents.

On Wednesday, Interior Minister Taj Mohammad Jahed hailed the work of the Special Forces in counter-terrorism and said they have played a critical role in eliminating key figures.

"The incident which happened in Shar-e-Naw of Kabul (September) and the incident on the house of MP Mir Wali (this month), you (Special Forces) managed to avoid harm to others through your courage, professionalism and skills," said Jahed.

"The government leadership and supreme commander are determined to further develop these forces so that major setbacks are imposed on the structure of the enemies of Afghanistan," he added.

The Interior Minister, however, voiced concern over what he called a lack of modern weapons for police, suggesting that more needed to be done in this respect.

The MoI stated that at least 1,551 insurgents were killed and 653 wounded in the past nine months. The MoI also said the police confiscated 487 kg of explosives and 863 types of weapons from insurgents.

Source: ANI