to organise second edition of Corporate Monsoon Football League

New Delhi [India], Sept.15 : With an aim to develop sports culture and democratize the sports, is set to promote 'sports for all' and provide them state of an art infrastructure to experience with.

In our attempt to achieve the goal, is organising its second edition of Corporate Monsoon Football League (CMFL) 2016.

Like last year, 16 corporate teams will participate in the league. Matches will be played on first/second weekend of Oct'16 at Genesis Global School ground in Noida. "We believe that until we develop a sports culture, we can't compete with world on international platforms including Olympics.

Sports should be integral part of all in all phases of his/her life. Such events will help us in making such culture," said Ajeet Thakur, co-founder of has first-hand experience of how difficult it is to gather people in the name of sports.

"Unlike western countries, somehow, sports is not here in the priority list of people. Unfortunately, even our government policy do not take sports seriously. And that is why, we never find any sports infrastructure and playgrounds in our colonies; especially in Delhi NCR.

We believe, only sports loving parents will encourage its wards to play sports of his choice," said Amit Kumar, co-founder,

Our upcoming football league is specially designed for mid-aged professionals. They will definitely enjoy the tournament and make it a habit of playing on day-to-day basis. "Corporate houses should also promote sports and encourage its employee to participate in such competitions," said Kumar.

Driven by the idea of keeping sports alive, (An initiative of India Saviour Foundation) was conceived about two years ago and now it is committed to enable most of sports lover to play their favorite sports and remain connected.

Most of us love sports and have played till some stage in our life but in absence of effective support system, we quit sports while progressing in our life.

Rationally or logically, sports should be the last thing we should ever think of quitting. After initial success of reconnecting few sports quitters with their childhood love and facilitating them in playing their favorite sports, the bigger challenge lies in bringing the rest on ground and also at the same time act as an impediment for sports-quitters.

With an intention to democratize sports and develop cloud based platform - "Sports as a Services" (SaaS) using technology, is committed for the cause and have been in discussion with eco-system partners to build a solid support system.

The uniqueness of our program would be to offer sports related services without any logistical hindrance and offer personalized on-field memories to make your sporty life full fun.

Within short period of two years, has conducted more than 100 weekend sports activities in addition to two major corporate tournaments i.e.

16-team Corporate Monsoon Football League (CMFL) - 2015, and 8-team Corporate Winter Cricket League (CWCL) - 2016.

Source: ANI