Sri Lanka needs new Constitution to suit post-war time: Ranil Wickremesinghe

Colombo [Sri Lanka], Oct.24 : Sri Lankan Prime Minster Ranil Wickremesinghe has said that the country needs a new Constitution as the war which prevailed for the past 30 years has ended and for the country to move forward, suitable changes for the post-war era need to be made.

Stating that formulating a new Constitution cannot be done alone, Wickremesinghe said it requires the support from each and every one.

The Prime Minister was addressing a religious event at Vivekaramaya in Gangodawila on Saturday, reports Colombo Page.

Wickremesinghe said that no one in the government and no political party has made a request to change the places given to the religions or the rights given to the people.

He asserted that to suit the post-war time and to do away with old draconian laws enacted during the war time, some clauses in the Constitution need to be changed or new clauses need to be added especially to meet the aspirations of the young people.

The six sub-committees appointed on fundamental rights, public services, relations between Central Government, provincial council and local government, law and order, state of emergency, judiciary, and public money have already finalized their own reports.

Once these committees submitted their reports, then it will be presented to the Constitutional Assembly and thereby to the country.

After this, the public would get an opportunity to comment on those reports. The Premier said that as no decision has been taken regarding these proposals whether they are applicable, should be revised, or totally acceptable or not.

He added that they all will be done once the public opinion is expressed. Wickremesinghe, while elaborating on the Executive Presidency said that if it is abolished, there must be stability in the new system or otherwise the government would have to be changed every year.

Source: ANI