Sri Lanka observes 12th anniversary of 2004 tsunami

Colombo [Sri Lanka], Dec. 26 : Sri Lanka is observing the 12th anniversary of the devastating tsunami which struck the island nation in 2004 killing more than 35,000 people and leaving many people homeless.

Several programs and functions were organised to commemorate the tragic disaster. Around 1500 passengers of the southbound Queen of the Sea (Samudra Devi) train got washed away by the killer waves near Peraliya area in Hikkaduwa about 75 miles south of Colombo.

Most of the passengers of the train were killed in the incident. The train, which was restored after the tsunami, ran from Maradana Railway Station to Peraliya today amidst prayers to remember the passengers who were killed in the disaster.

The Colombo Page quoted the Disaster Management Center Deputy Director Pradeep Kodippili, as saying that they have organised religious observances and awareness programs to commemorate the day.

Sri Lanka has declared December 26 as the National Safety Day following the 2004 Tunami to commemorate the people who lost their lives due to all natural disasters and to create awareness about the disasters among the people and to promote a culture of preparedness among the communities for disasters.

Source: ANI