Sri Lanka to implement RTI Act from Feb. 4

Colombo [Sri Lanka], Jan. 3 : Sri Lankan Minister of Parliamentary Reform and Mass Media Gayantha Karunathilaka has said that all arrangements are in place for the implementation of the Right to Information (RTI) Act from February 4.

Speaking at a function held for the announcement of work for the New Year, the minister said that the RTI service will be provided to every state establishment through the appointment of an Information Officer, reports Colombo Page.

Karunathilaka recalling that the RTI Bill was presented to Parliament and it was approved with the consent of all the 225 MPs, said that necessary initiatives to implement the Bill were planned for several months last year and now the necessary background has been prepared for its implementation from next month.

The introduction of the Right to Information Act was a key pledge in the 100-day work program of the government.

The government during the 19th Amendment to the Constitution recognised the Right to Information as a fundamental right.

The Sri Lankan Parliament passed the Right to Information Act on June 24, 2016. Under the RTI Act, ministries, departments, public corporations, local authorities, non-governmental organizations that are substantially funded by the government, higher educational institutions, courts and tribunals etc.

should provide access to information and shall maintain records..

Source: ANI