Stop “cheap politics” on surgical strikes: CPI(M)

New Delhi [India], Oct 13 : The Communist Party of India (Marxist) on Thursday downplayed the ongoing controversy surrounding the September 29 surgical strikes across the Line of Control (LoC) and said it is extremely unfortunate that the valour of the armed forces are being used for political benefits.

CPI (M) leader Hannan Mullah showered praise on the Indian Army for protecting the nation with all power and strength.

"But we do not support the way the valour of the armed forces are being used for political benefits. All this is cheap politics, I prefer not to get involved in such debates," said Mullah. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar yesterday said the Indian Army and 127 crore people of the nation should be applauded for the operation.

Speaking at the 'Strengthening India's Defence Capabilities' event here, Parrikar said, "127 crore people of this country and the Indian armed forces deserve the credit for the surgical strikes.

Now, it should be clear where the credit lies. I don't take it." There was a burden of helplessness amongst 127 crore people and 13.5 lakh army people of frustration that enemy is continuously bleeding us through 1,000 cuts.

The enemy does not even bother that there is UN cry internationally. So, there was a joy all over the nation as the anger was vented out post surgical strike. This has changed mindset of our opponents, now they are worried that there is no predictability with India," he added.

Parrikar further asserted that Indian borders are the safest under Prime Minister Narendra Modi led-NDA government.

"With this government and the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji the nation's borders are much secure than they were in 2013," he said.

Parrikar also said that the surgical strikes are the kind of operation which was never conducted before.

"I have been Defence Minister for over two years and from whatever I've learnt, there was no surgical strike anytime earlier," he said.

Source: ANI