Stop `Jihad’ in the name of religion, say PoK leaders

Rawalpindi[Pakistan], Dec.5 : Activists and political leaders of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) held a protest outside the Press Club in Rawalpindi to demand a ban on the activities of extremists in their territory.

They accused Islamabad of providing shelter to terrorists in PoK who are misleading the youth towards `Jihad'.

The event was organized by the National Action Front, a coalition of several nationalist parties from PoK, including the United Kashmir People's National Party.

The protesters raised their voices against the use of religion as a tool to mislead the youth of Kashmir.

Ishaq Mir, a leader of the Jammu Kashmir People's National Party (JKPNP), said, "This is not `jihad'. Our children are being exploited and pushed towards `jihad'. On 31 July 1987, when an explosion took place at Srinagar airport, the Islamic extremists announced a `jihad'.

Since then, a joke is going on in the name of jihad and extremist organisations have committed mass murder.

I don't want to repeat the past, but some 110,000 people, including children and women, have been killed.

Our sisters and daughters have been sexually exploited". The protesters demanded the withdrawal of National Action Plan as it's been used against nationalist and political leaders in PoK and Gilgit Baltistan by the Pakistan Army.

Many youth are being arrested and they are suffering atrocities at the hands of the security agencies.

Pakistan has been using the PoK for its proxy war against India and has given shelter to banned terrorist organizations.

On September 29, India conducted surgical strikes on seven terrorist launch pads across the Line of Control in PoK and killed at least 38 terrorists.

Source: ANI