Suicide the easy way out, must ensure Nirbhaya convict swings from gallows: BJP

New Delhi [India], Aug. 25 : With Vinay Sharma, one of the four death row convicts in the sensational December 16 gangrape case, allegedly trying to commit suicide in Tihar Jail, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday asserted that the responsible jail authorities must foil any such future attempts by him and ensure that capital punishment is awarded to him.

Speaking to ANI here, BJP leader Shazia Ilmi said that Vinay was in such a state now because his crime was finally catching up with him and he was finding it difficult to live with himself.

"Among all the prisoners there, he is the one who is looked at with most disgust. And because of that, he feels like he is a victim of psychological torture. This is the time for him to introspect what Nirbhaya suffered at his hands. I have absolutely no sympathy for him," she said. Asserting that suicide was the easy way out for the convict, Ilmi further said that the entire procedure must be followed in his case and it should be ensured that he swings from the gallows.

"Authorities should ensure that all future attempts of him to commit suicide must be stopped, so that the law can take its course and give him capital punishment," she said.

Vinay's father Hari Ram Sharma, however, alleged that there is some "conspiracy" (mili bhagat) as the "government is planning to release his son".

"There is some conspiracy (mili bhagat) between police and others. He could not do so; he never attempted suicide. Now, the government is planning to release him, they are doing this drama," Vinay's father told ANI. Alleging that it was a failure of the jail administration and staff, he said, "When I visit there (at Tihar), they frisk me from top to the bottom (such is the security there); then how those medicines reached there," Hari Ram Sharma sought to know.

He further said he recently met his son regarding his daughter's marriage and Vinay told him that he would come soon after he was released.

Rejecting the allegation that Vinay hanged himself, his father said, "How could he hang himself when nothing can go inside his cell? He could not hang himself, he is not like that." "I want my son to get well soon," said Hari Ram Sharma, adding "They should either leave him of hang him, why they are doing so much drama around it.

He is my son, and thus, I am traumatised." Vinay is recovering at Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital, where he was admitted in "critical" condition.

Police said he appeared to have consumed some pills before using a towel to hang himself. However, another inmate, who woke up in the nick of time, brought Sharma down and alerted the jail authorities.

In March 2013, Ram Singh, another accused in the case, committed suicide by hanging in his cell, exposing the law and order situation at Tihar Jail.

Source: ANI