‘Sultan’ inspiring Kanpur youths to take up kushti

Kanpur, Aug. 1 : Salman Khan's 'Sultan' has definitely brought 'kushti' under spotlight as several youngsters are now taking keen interest in the age old dwindled sport of India.

Since the movie's release, several boys in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur city have begun visiting 'akhadas' instead of gyms to sweat it out and get back in shape.

"We are here for the last 20 years. We have conducted big matches where renowned pehlwans from every place have come for wrestling. After the release of 'Sultan,' more and more boys are now coming here to join the akhada leaving the gym," a wrestler from Chandu Pehlwan Akhada told ANI.

"Earlier there were very few youths here. But since the release of 'Sultan,' more local boys are taking admission here. The boys say that they want to be like 'Sultan.' We have put up Salman Khan's poster as the boys here get inspired by seeing his photo," said another wrestler.

Earlier, it was reported that Hyderabadi youngsters too were inspired to take up wrestling and as a result the akhadas in the city got hundreds of enquiries and admissions.

Source: ANI