Sunny Leone: Concept of dating changes every year

Mumbai, Feb 14 : Toasting the Valentine's Day spirit, Sunny Leone opens up on how the concept of dating changes nearly every year because circumstances of the world keep changing.

Dating style post 2020, in particular, has changed dramatically, she adds.

"The concept of dating changes basically every year because of the circumstances of the world we live in.

Last year, obviously dating has completely changed and it might change forever, on how we meet people and (have) interactions.

Or, we might go back to the same. I have no idea," Sunny told IANS.

The actress feels that Covid has made dating more difficult. "Right now it is so difficult to just meet anyone in person. So, definitely dating style has changed dramatically. You go on the first date and you go like, 'I will see you but show me your Covid test'," she said.

Sunny has been married to Daniel Weber for almost a decade now and they have three children -- daughter Nisha and twins Noah and Asher.

Talking about the key to a successful relationship, Sunny said: "I think it is being friends first and respecting that.

I know there are a lot of people out there that will agree with me that Covid is just about the worse thing that could happen to most people, because now you are stuck in the house with someone you have never been stuck in the house with, and trying to figure who is going to clean what, cook what, watch the child, and who is going to do the laundry, clean floors and (help with the) school work."

"That is a lot of stress for young couples, couples who have multiple children or one or even don't have children.

I feel we think a marriage can get through crazy times. You're probably good because you can go in your head -- 'remember that time we were stuck in the house together and how much we did not like each other, but we made it and we still love each other and we are back to normal'," she added.

Understanding, according to Sunny, is the key to a good relationship.

"As far as the key to a good relationship (goes), I think it is more about just understanding each other, listening.

Being a friend because we all know out there we did not get many friends during lockdown," she said.

Sunny is currently busy shooting for the reality show "Splitsvilla" in Kerala.

The show is all about tasks, glamour and relationships, and airs from March 6.

What keeps Sunny a part of the "Splitsvilla" franchise after all these years? "I love watching human nature.

I am trying to understand the psychology behind it but I love these young people. They come in maybe they have never been on a show before. They have never been on dates before or (never been) a girlfriend and boyfriend. All of a sudden they are thrown into 'Splitsvilla' and it is a whole new experience. So, watching the process of the first day to the very last day I find it interesting to see what happens, besides the whole process of helping them with advice.

I like that," she said.

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Source: IANS