Surat hosts Garba class during Navratri

Surat (Gujarat),[India] Oct. 3 : Surat city in Gujarat recently played host to a dance class to celebrate Navratri. This dance class stood apart for its representation of communal harmony, as people of different nationalities and from communities participated in the feisty Garba romp.

Garba is a traditional Gujarati folk dance and song which is performed mainly during the nine-day Navratri festival, and is famous the world over.

The folk dance is performed by everyone and people of different religious beliefs enjoy. Apart from the fact that it harmonises different religions, many fitness experts consider it a very good exercise for the body.

Garba trainers highly recommend this folk dance to those who wish to change flab to fab in an enjoyable way.

Foreigners are especially interested in Garba as they get to enjoy the dance coupled with various body moves.

Bhavin Jariwala, a Garba instructor said, "Not only Gujaratis but people from all communities come here to attend the Garba.

My aim is to spread the message that Gujarati culture harmonises different religions. There are nearly 1000 students in my academy." Viraaj Thakkar, another Garba enthusiast, added, "We have different communities of people here.

Some of them are foreigners. Different communities of people share a good bond here. Foreigners love playing Garba and we spread the message of communal harmony." In this dance class, communities such as Hindu, Muslim, Parsis and Christians came together and practiced Garba, besides people from countries like France, Italy and Canada etc.

Angelica Fiorese, an Iatlian tourist from Italy said, "I am here since July and I will stay here till June next year.

I love Garba and I enjoy it very much. It's a part of Indian culture. It is also an exercise for the body and I like it." Fraser Griffith, a Canadian participant voiced similar sentiments.

"I am really enjoying it. I came here to learn and experience many things. I will be wearing kurti during the Garba," said Fraser. Indian festivals and fairs unite people and allow them intermingle, irrespective of region or religion.

Source: ANI