Surgical strikes have demonstrated India’s political, military will to Pak: Ex DGMO

New Delhi [India], Sept. 29 : Lauding the move of the Indian Army for conducting surgical strikes across the Line o Control, former Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) Lt.

Gen. Vinod Bhatia (Retd.) on Thursday said it has demonstrated New Delhi's political and military will to Pakistan.

"I congratulate the troops who had taken part. I am very proud of the fact that it has been done. I was always of the firm opinion and belief that it was not a question of if, it's a question of when, where and what.

The political and military will has been demonstrated. This was a befitting reply to what the terrorists have done in Uri, where we lost many casualties," Bhatia told ANI.

Bhatia said, "It's a clear and loud message to Pakistan that you cannot come and carry out terrorist strikes in our country, you will have to pay the cost for it.

If you are willing to pay the come and we will hold you to it. We have demonstrated a politico-military will and this demonstration has sent very good signals across the Line of Control." Reacting to Pakistan's denial of India's claim of surgical strikes being conducted, Bhatia said, "Pakistan will always deny it.

The terrorists have no identity as such, so they will always be in denial mode. The terrorists are a disposable commodity as far as the Pakistani Army and the Pakistan ISIS is concerned.

So, Pakistan will deny it. This was a pre-emptive and a punitive operation. Launch pad usually has 8-10 terrorists, it's our work to eliminate them." Bhatia said it was good that India took its time in conducting the surgical strikes.

"When Pakistan engineers a terror strike in India, it is already prepared for all the consequences. It knows that if retaliation comes , it should be prepared for it. In this particular case, we had taken our time. We were not too's not too early. We have gone and done what we had to do," he added. On the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday, the army conducted surgical strikes on terror launch pads across the Line of Control, said the Director General of Military Operations, Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh.

The motive of the operation was to hit out at the terrorists who were planning to infiltrate into Indian territory.

"The operations were basically focused to ensure that these terrorists do not succeed in their design of infiltration and carrying out destruction and endangering the lives of citizens of our country.

During these counter terrorist operations significant casualties have been caused to the terrorist and those who are trying to support them.

The operation aimed at neutralising the terrorists have since seized. We do not have any plans for further continuation of the operations. However, the Indian armed forces are fully prepared for any contingency that may arrive," he added. Singh further said that he spoke with the Pakistani DGMO and expressed New Delhi's concern and meanwhile, shared information over the operation conducted by the Indian Army.

"I have spoken to the Pakistani DGMO and explained our concerns and also shared the operation we had conducted last night.

It is India's intention to maintain peace and tranquillity in the region but we can certainly not allow the terrorists to operate across the Line of Control with impunity and attack the citizens of our country," said Singh.

Source: ANI