Take few steps to have a safe and healthy Diwali!

New Delhi [India], Oct.24 : Diwali is round the corner, which calls for loads of lights, colours, crackers and sweets.

With this, it also welcomes some unwanted accidents and health hazards at times. But this does not mean this festival can't be safe and healthy. Hence, Dr. Sunandini Sharma, the Chief Health Officer and Co-founder at Jiyo Natural Pvt. Ltd., Medikoe Platform, has come up with some hands-on tips to celebrate Diwali sans compromising your health.

Firstly, eat healthy. This season, people indulge in sweets and put on extra pounds, which in turn affects their health. Low calorie sweets are the perfect alternative to the heavy ghee sweets. Secondly, hydrate yourself enough. With eating unhealthy snacks and sweets the body accumulates toxins. It is important to flush these toxins out by drinking tons of water. Thirdly, Dr. Sharma warned that artificial sweets can be detrimental. Artificial sweeteners that have aspartame should be avoided as they cause brain tumour or cancer. Moreover chemical preservatives in sweets also put you at a higher risk of kidney or liver damage, asthma and cancer.

Opt for sweets prepared using natural sweeteners. Fourthly, diabetic patients should take extra precaution. Individuals suffering from diabetes need to be further watchful during Diwali, as they are enclosed with plenty of sweets.

These individuals are recommended to keep a check on their sugar and starch consumption. Fifthly, keep a check on your booze. Excessive alcohol not only causes dehydration, but also gives you a hang-over. This also increases the risk of accidents on the auspicious day. Sixthly, keep a first aid kit near you. It is suggested that individuals have a first aid kit that contains inhalers, eye drops and burn cream throughout this time as this will prevent major complications in case of an accident.

Seventhly, keep earplugs. The loud sound of fireworks could damage ear drums in some people and also result in increased heart rate in old persons and those with cardiac problems.

It is advised to wear earplugs. Eighth, keep anti-pollution masks. Patients with chronic lung diseases, COPD or asthma should avoid places with heavy cracker pollution. They could suffer from breathlessness due to the smoke. Such patients are recommended to use masks particularly while going out. Ninth, chose right clothes to put on. One should avoid wearing loose fitting attire, like saris and lungis. Clothes made from inflammable like nylon and terrycot should also be avoided. Finally, giving some miscellaneous safety tips, the doctor said, "Refrain from bursting crackers late at night and early in the morning as it could disrupt people sleep pattern.

Be considerate about old people and small children and avoid bursting loud crackers in their presence as they are more sensitive to them.".

Source: ANI