Tanvi Azmi: At home I tend to create a lot of drama

New Delhi, Feb 13 : Veteran actress Tanvi Azmi feels women are not allowed to show their vulnerabilities and imperfections, and talks of the need to get to a place where they don't have to prove a point to anybody and get comfortable with it.

"The point is women are not allowed to show their vulnerabilities, their imperfections, they have to be in charge (always)..(There is a thing) inculcated in our upbringing that 'you have to be sensible'. I just feel sometimes it takes away everything from you because you have to be sensible," Azmi told IANS while talking about women embracing their vulnerabilities and flaws.

"At home, I tend to create a lot of drama.

So, my daughter says, 'why are you so dramatic about everything'. I told her 'that is because I'm an actor. This is myself and I will do this'," she added.

The actress continued: "As an actor, you face so many different characters, and you play so many different characters.

You leave a bit of you in every character, and a bit of every character stays back in you. So you are really not the person that you are claiming to be. This regular normal person sitting at home, looking after the dogs, looking after the husband and the family and the kids and doing work outside."

"There is a lot that's going on.

I really feel as actors, we should all start doing meditation. So yes, it is difficult. But I feel that's the greatest thing about women. Once we become comfortable that we don't have to prove a point to anybody and get comfortable in that knowledge, I think we'll be extremely evolved as a species," she asserted.

The actress, who was lauded for her work in "Bajirao Mastani" and "Thappad" in recent times, feels there is a need to explore varied aspects of womanhood on screen.

"It is time that we had far more women characters, which need to be explored," she said.

That was one aspect which attracted her to be part of "Tribhanga: Tedhi Medhi Crazy". Written and directed by Renuka Shahane, the film narrated a family drama about three distinct women, and their unconventional life choices.

"I didn't miss a heartbeat to say yes to the script because I am all for strong women characters, different women characters, unconventional women characters, and I feel there is so much that can be explored in that arena," she said about her role in the film that dropped on Netflix.

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Source: IANS