Tea Board plans quality checks to keep standards

Kolkata, March 13 : Tea Board of India plans to collect random samples from tea factories, packets and bulk tea stored in warehouses to check adherence to the quality standards.

"Tea Board will draw random samples from tea factories, stocks of packaged and bulk tea stored in warehouses to ascertain adherence to the quality standards," it said in a public notice on Wednesday.

"As the apex body of the industry, the board felt adherence to the quality standards is of utmost importance to remain competitive in a globalised environment and sustain the industry by improving domestic consumption.

The cost of such sampling and analysis would have to be borne by the owner company," it said.

Tea that would fail to conform to the standards should be treated as tea waste and would be destroyed, it said.

The board also warned stringent action against manufacturers or licencee, like suspension and cancellation of registration, if their tea failed to meet the standards.

The board has been undertaking several measures to maintain the quality of Indian tea by issuing directives to tea producers, buyers and packers periodically.



Source: IANS