Teen saal desh behal, yahi hai BJP ka kamal: Congress

New Delhi [India], May 16 : With the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) planning to commemorate completion of three years its government in a massive way, the Congress on Tuesday tore into the saffron party and accused it of betraying the people of nation on all fronts.

Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia in a press conference, unleashed a tirade of accusations on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre and said in the past three years of its rule, the condition of the nation has degraded as the saffron outfit has miserably failed in giving good governance and fulfilling extravagant promises it made.

"Women are unsafe, the farmers are committing suicide, there is unemployment . The people of the nation now seriously want to know that when will good days come? "Teen saal desh behal, yahi hai BJP ka kamal," Scindia said.

Taking a jibe at the ruling dispensation, Congress dubbed the Modi government of brewing intolerance and anti-Dalit and minority sentiment in the nation.

"BJP showed our nation many dreams and in the past three years has broken all of them. There is an environment of intolerance in the nation and anybody who rakes this issue is dubbed as an anti-national," said Scindia.

"They have brewed an anti-Dalit sentiment across the nation. They want a Dalit free nation. The Haryana incident has rattled us. The Rohit Vemula incident. In Una, the way our Dalit brother were thrashed by cow vigilantes," he added. Scindia further slammed the BJP-led government of imposing itself on the nation against its will. "The government said minimum government and Maximum governance but the opposite happened. Mahatma Gandhi was removed from the Khadi diaries and a picture of the Prime Minister was put there. Their veiled attacks on educational institutions then may it be FTTI, NIT to Hyderabad Central university and when you the media raise such issues, then even you are threatened with 'blackout'," he said.

"RBI which used to be an independent institution today is working under the pressure of the government.

This government doesn't believe in discussing issue, they posses very rigid mindset for them it is like 'it is my way or the highway'," he added.

The Congress leader also cornered the BJP cadre on the issues of the national security and said that situation in Kashmir has worsened since last July and that the Naxal forces have gained immense strength in past three years.

"Coming on to the matter of internal security, let me tell you that Kashmir is on boil ever since last July.

Don't the people of Kashmir deserve development, what are the steps this government is taking to provide them development?" he said.

"Talking of growth of Naxalism in the last three years, it has increased immensely, our security personnel are sacrificing their lives and the only thing which this government says is that it will avenge it but no steps are being taken in this regard," he added.

Averring that India is going through severely troubled times, the grand old party also castigated the foreign policy of the incumbent dispensation and dubbed it as frivolous.

"Foreign policy of this government keeps on changing like the seasons. There is a lot of difference between what they say and what they do. India is going through a troubled situation, China intrudes our borders, Pakistan kills our soldiers time and again but the Centre doesn't act," he said.

Planning for a grand celebration on its third anniversary, the BJP is all set for a humongous 15-day grand merrymaking starting from May 26 to June 15.

The government will also launch a new campaign under the name 'New India' on May 25. Stretching for over a fortnight, the celebration will begin with Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the nation on May 26 in Guwahati.

The Prime Minister will then visit four other cities of India. The four cities might be out of these five cities, namely - Bengaluru, Delhi, Jaipur, Kota, Kolkata and Pune.

The celebration will take place in 900 cities across India and every minister will visit four cities each.

Also 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas' programme will be held in 500 cities. Prime Minister Modi will also be writing two crore letters to common people. 10 crores SMSs will be done within a span of 15 days. Also, on May 26, first page of 400 newspapers will carry advertisements displaying the Centre's achievements.

There will be 30 and 60 seconds advertisements on television and radio as well. It is also expected that 'Bharat Ubhar Raha Hai' will be added to the party's tag line 'Desh Badal Raha Hai'.

On May 27-28, all the Cabinet ministers will be briefing the media. They will also be meeting non-political people. The BJP will be holding 300 multimedia exhibitions in the states where its holding is not strong and in those states which are in queue for elections.

Every ministry will launch a booklet of its achievements, under the name 'Then and Now (UPA and NDA)'.

The government will also concentrate its attention on farmers, labourers, women, youth, Dalits, backward classes.

On the other hand, the Congress Party is planning to deploy its senior leaders to highlight the failures of the NDA Government.

According to sources, senior leaders of the Congress are likely to address the media for 10 days to highlight failed political, economic, defence, and security related policies of the Centre.

Source: ANI