Telangana Governor launches Annam canteen at Raj Bhavan

Hyderabad, Feb 8 : Telangana Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan on Monday launched the Annam canteen at Raj Bhavan to provide free breakfast to the Raj Bhavan school children and sanitation, gardening, and other workers at the official residence.

The Sri Satya Sai Seva Samiti organisation came forward to offer free breakfast at the Raj Bhavan Annam facility as per the vision of the Governor to provide free and nutritious breakfast to Raj Bhavan school children.

After opening the canteen, she joined the school children and the Raj Bhavan sanitation workers at breakfast.

The Governor and her husband, eminent nephrologist, Dr.

P. Soundararajan personally served the breakfast to the students and the sanitation workers before joining them.

She personally went round the canteen facility and interacted with all those children and sanitation workers and enquired about the quality of the breakfast.

She stated that having a good nutritious breakfast was vital for the physical, cognitive and academic development of school-going children.

"Providing breakfast with vital nutrients is necessary for the school-going children for their all-round development.

I felt this (providing nutritious breakfast) is more important during this pandemic period to improve their immunity and help them grow better physically and mentally, and as well as help them do better in academics," Soundararajan added.

Referring to some studies, she said that most of the lunch boxes of school going children were having potato chips, and other junk food items that are not really healthy.

She thanked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for implementation of Poshan Abhiyan to ensure the supply of nutritious food to the children and end the malnutrition in the country.

"Tamil Nadu's former Chief Ministers Kamaraj Nadar and MGR's initiatives in offering free mid day meal and breakfast, respectively in schools have reduced the dropout rate and increased the enrolment, while improving the academic performance of the children in Tamil Nadu," she added.



Source: IANS