Telangana makes wearing of masks compulsory

Hyderabad, April 10 : Continuing its efforts to check the spread of coronavirus, the Telangana government has made wearing of face masks compulsory for people whenever they step out of their homes.

People in closed spaces and while talking to others should also wear the masks.

The Health Department has updated an earlier advisory on 'Masks only for the sick' to 'Mask on while stepping outdoors, in closed spaces and while interacting with others'.

The orders noted that the studies in Japan have shown that wearin masks slowed the spread of coronavirus.

"This revision of advice is based on the learning that a large number of infected people do not show any symptoms - are asymptomatic - but are still carriers of the infection and can infect others."

It pointed out that coronavirus infection spreads through droplets released while sneezing, coughing and talking.

Thus, marks will prevent the droplets from escaping and potentially infect others and will also protect a person from inhaling droplets carrying the virus.

The department recommended homemade cotton double-layer reusable masks as the first line of protection.

Twelve people have died of Covid-19 in Telangana with total positive cases reaching 471.



Source: IANS