Terrorism immediate threat to Pakistan than India: Ex Pak NSA chief

New Delhi [India], Mar. 6 : Pakistan former national security Advisor Mahmud Ali Durrani has said that terrorism is the more potent and immediate threat to Pakistan than India, adding that no country is facing it much as they are.

"I felt very bad the moment this happened. I called Mr. Narayanan, NSA and asked him if he allowed us we would send two-three investigators to help to reach the root cause, but, mistrust prevailed," Durrani said in reference to 26/11 Mumbai attack while speaking at the 19th Asian Security Conference held at the Institute of Defence and Studies and Analyses.

He said even the United Nations is unable to define what terrorism is even when it has become a household term.

Durrani said while people are blaming Pakistan of supporting terrorism but the country itself continues to suffer from terrorism the most.

"Terrorism in any form, irrespective of its objective, should be forcefully condemned," he said. Durrani urged each country to ensure that its territory is not used to attack any other nation. He said Intelligence Agencies need to play a positive role in diffusing terrorism. Durrani noted that resolving border disputes will help diffuse terrorism..

Source: ANI