Terrorism should be tackled for long-term peace, stability: Afghan envoy

Goa [India], Nov. 4 : Afghan envoy to India, Shaida Mohammad Abdali, on Friday said terrorism is a major threat especially to New Delhi and Kabul, adding it is high time that this menace is tackled for long-term peace and stability of the region.

"Terrorism is our enemy and it cannot exist without supporters. There are supporters of terrorism who have used our people as a tool to achieve political and other objectives," Abdali told ANI.

Asserting that terrorism is a challenge to Afghanistan, Abdali said it is affecting the country's democracy and development.

"Terrorism is a major threat especially to India and Afghanistan. It is high time that this problem should be tackled for long term peace and stability of the region," he added.

The Afghan envoy to India urged all to join hands to fight this menace. "Our countries should be committed to deal with problem posing to both peoples," he added. Afghanistan has repeatedly blamed Pakistan of carrying supporting terrorists to carry out proxy wars in its territory.

It has also alleged that Islamabad has a selective approach in eliminating terrorists as it targets the 'bad' Taliban but sides with the 'good' Taliban.

Source: ANI