The ultimate road trip packing guide

New Delhi, Oct 5 : Every memorable road trip is made up of two essentials - great company and a beautiful road, but there are various other essentials, without which any road trip would be incomplete.

Ahraaz Khan, Marketing Leader, Connected Living Solutions, Honeywell Building Technologies, India, Nipun Marya, Director - Brand Strategy, Vivo India, and Peyush Bansal, CEO, Lenskart, have created a checklist for the adventurous souls:

* Navigation: There are plenty of great GPS navigation systems available for your cars and phones, but in case the battery dies, you will need some sort of a back-up.

Surely you don't want to be lost on the road when your signals run out. Therefore, it is always advisable to bring a detailed route map for your trip. A map also helps in planning your daily itinerary and sticking to it.

* Entertainment options: While some choose to sleep, the others pick to use this time to catch up on their favourite movies and TV shows.

Hence, keeping a stock of them on your phone is a good idea to take you through the tedious journey.

* Car air purifier: The air quality of your chosen destination might be optimum, but the highways and cities will definitely not be so.

Therefore, invest in a good car purifier.

* Sunglasses: A pair of chic and stylish sunglasses are the best way to beat the heat on any vacation.

* Food and beverages: No great road trip is complete without a stopover at some renowned eating joint.

However, there might be miles to go before you reach the eating place. So, it is essential to keep a stock of your favourite snacks the night before you get on the road. A mini cooler of your favourite bottled water or iced coffee will also be a great idea to provide a little extra refreshment.

* Car check-up: It is imperative to make sure that the trip doesn't get sidelined with a flat tyre or any other car accident.

Therefore, you must schedule a full check-up of the car prior to the trip to ensure the tyres have sufficient pressure, air filters are cleaned properly, engine is functioning at a satisfactory level, and the battery is fully charged.

* Emergency kit: A small kit must include items like a flashlight, small blanket, first-aid kit, hand sanitiser, rain coats and water bottles.



Source: IANS