Theatre group Saitan create ripples with `out-of-the-box` plays in capital

New Delhi, Aug 19 : Theatre has often been overshadowed by movies but when it comes to content, it has always ranked higher than any mode of edutainment.

Passionate thespians have consistently taken the mantle higher and proved to be a mirror to the many facets of our society.

One such group of enthusiastic artists, 'Saitan' theatre group was launched by Rajneesh Gautam and Namita Verma in 2014 to present before the audience the harsh realities of life in an extremely relatable way.

While carving a niche in their professional arenas, this team of dedicated thespians is constantly sharpening their skills to enter into a world of grease and paint to show their theatrical prowess.

While some are dexterous with scalpel and stethoscope, and others are steadily and successfully making their mark in their respective fields, their focus remains firmly grounded in the world of art.

Commenting on the mission of 'Saitan', co-founder Namita Verma, said, "Theatre is a brilliant way to represent the society and the real-world, as well as express yourself.

We started our own theatre group because we believe that each person is their own God and Devil, hence the name 'Saitan', which is derived from the words Saint and Satan.

We present this though our plays in an attempt to open the minds of our generation to the realities of those who suffer because we fail to understand and accept them.

Our mission is to present before the world the two extremes that exist in every person!" So far, the group has conceptualized and produced 4 plays- The Deadly Sins, Murder at the Empress, Qaidi No.666 and Kashmakash.

They are soon going to re-enact their home production their Qaidi No.666, a Hindi play by Rajneesh Gautam at Akshara Theatre on 20th Aug.

Speaking about the idea behind their upcoming play 'Qaidi No.666' founder Rajneesh Gautam said, "Our forthcoming play explores a journey of two women who are very different from each other but yet they achieve peace through a common thread.

Last year I shared this idea with my friend Prachee Bhardwaj, and we build a narrative around it. The play was appreciated for excellent acting and direction last year when we staged it at Akshara Theatre, and we are hoping for the same response this time too.

We have conceptualized and delivered 4 plays so far, and each narrated the story from the other side, which is lesser-known and often ridiculed and ignored." Like this theatre, there are a lot more alternate forms of live-entertainment, which include stand-up comedy and street-plays, that are slowly yet steadily carving their space in this sector.

So watch out for the latest offerings and indulge yourself in some very entertaining acts that are coming up in the city.

Source: ANI