This Diwali, Guwahati vows to curtail usage of Chinese products

Guwahati (Assam) [India], Oct. 22 : With the entire nation raising its voice in unison against Pakistan post the September 18 terror attack in Uri in Jammu and Kashmir, people in Guwahati, Assam, have decided not to use any Chinese products during Diwali, as they believe Beijing is supporting Islamabad.

Activists have been running campaigns across the city and on social media urging one and all to boycott products from 'Pakistan's friend' China.

The people have responded by purchasing traditional diyas or earthen lamps made by local artisans, villagers and traditional potters.

"People should avoid Chinese lights and should be more inclined towards buying more handmade items like earthen lamps.

I myself have purchased saki and people should avoid foreign goods and use local products which would lead to the development of our Indian economy and help the poor who can easily do business and earn livelihood.

We should rather focus on Make in India products," said local resident Tarun Lahkar. Consumption of Chinese products has come down in recent days. Be it decorative items or any other product. Besides, the beautifully decorated diyas, people are seen buying Assam's famed traditional earthen lamps or 'Matir Saki' to adorn their homes.

A trade body has ascertained that there has been a 30-40 per cent drop in the sale of Chinese manufactured items, including decorative lights and other electronic goods.

"India has a rich tradition of making diyas. So, people should be more inclined towards purchasing local earthen lamps and decorative items and boycott Chinese lights.

Every year, I purchase diyas which give the best look to my house." said Ruma. Such a campaign with the involvement of masses will not only encourage local artisans and potters, but also help their trade to flourish.

Source: ANI