This Rakhi, why should sisters get all the gifts?

New Delhi, Aug 22 : Rakhi celebrates that unique bond of love, laughter, fights and pranks that only a brother and sister can share with one another along with the gifts that all sisters get.

But how about breaking stereotypes this year round and surprising your beloved brother with some gifts?

Arvind Prabhakar, CEO, GyFTR, an offline-to-online (O2O) peer gifting platform and Yogesh Ghorpade, CEO, Uplodefoodie, a SaaS (Software as a service) based solutions provider that caters to the Food and Beverages industry, shares a list of simple gifts that you can shower your beloved brother with and let him know how important he is to you?

* A shortcut to fly: The desire to fly an aeroplane or keep gazing at one has been a fond memory for many in childhood.

So, if your brother is one of the many aviation geeks out there, the best surprise that you can give him is an experience of a Microlight Plane.

* Branded, please!: If your brother has panache and loves to flaunt his brands, choose from a wide variety of luxury labels.

Gift him what he loves and let him revel in his own dapper looks.

* For the long distance ones: This will be considered unique and really thought through, as a gift.

For the young generation, who apparently need to leave the city and are shifting or staying away from home, managing all their expenses are difficult.

So why not be a bit responsible and gift them a voucher for supermarkets. Surely, they will thank you for a long time, if not a life time.

* Delicious delight: Food is something that anyone and everyone loves to indulge in and the pleasure, just doubles if the person certainly believes in gluttony.

Gifting a meal of a specialty cuisine or a food and drinks voucher, or even tea vouchers are trending today and would be happily accepted by your connoisseur brother.

Raksha Bandhan this year is on August 26.



Source: IANS