Tillerson urges North Korea to resume talks

New York [U.S.], May 20 : US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has urged North Korea to help foster an atmosphere conducive to talks by putting an end to its ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons tests.

Backing off from its aggressive military stance, the United States has given an indication of diplomatically handling the North Korea regime.

Tillerson said North Koreans should trust the US pledge of no hostility. Tillerson made the comments in a meeting with South Korean presidential envoy Hong Seok-hyun. "The most impressive thing that I heard from Tillerson was that sanctions and pressure are not by themselves aimed at harassing North Korea ,but are designed to create an opportunity for Pyongyang's development through opening its doors and scrapping its nuclear programme," CNN quoted Hong as saying.

Elaborating on the benefits that North Korea will be provided if it scraps its nuclear programme, Tillerson said if the DPRK cooperates, then some companies can invest in the nation.

Tillerson also reiterated Washington's promise to not seek regime change or conduct an invasion. Trump had reportedly told him he wanted to help settle the nuclear issue with North Korea by working with recently elected South Korean President Moon Jae-in .

Source: ANI