Tips for successful knee replacement rehabilitation in winters

New Delhi [India] Nov. 10: A total knee replacement (TKR) is a complex procedure that requires a Joint Replacement Surgeon to make precise measurements and skillfully remove the diseased portions of your bone, in order to shape the remaining bone to accommodate the knee implant.

Dr (Prof) Anil Arora is one among a rare group of surgeons in India who are adept at applying Pinless Computer Navigated techniques to joint replacement (arthroplasty) procedures.

He is able to correct severe deformities using this technology. However, several factors contribute to the recovery of any replacement surgeries, especially knee replacement.

In spite of good surgery, rehabilitation plays major role in successful Knee Replacement. Here are certain extra things that need to keep in mind during winters. . Keep knee warm and covered . Use warm water to bath . Use a high stool while bathing . Adjust the height of the commode as advised by Doctor initially after Total Knee Replacement .

Don't sit on the floor . Avoid sitting Cross legged . Do mild knee exercises every day. Winters are difficult for people with sour knees. Pain often worsens in humid and cold weather. So it is always advisable that to take extra precautions during the winter season..

Source: ANI