Tipu Sultan a secular warrior, says Congress

Bengaluru [India], Nov. 4 : The Congress Party on Friday asserted that Mysore king Tipu Sultan was a secular warrior and that he had sacrificed his life for this state.

Congress leader N.A Harris said, "If you were the king, then Mysore Maharaja would not have been there.

These people have forgetting the history, he was the warrior. He always fought to protect this country and he fought always with keeping the king there at Mysore. So he is the warrior, he gave his life on the war field. He was not like other king's who was sitting in place and makes their commanders fight. So we have to appreciate and we have to see him as a true fighter for this country." He further said, "All these people are trying to politicize entire thing, make that Hindutva.

We have respect for every religion and community, and we are live as an Indian". He told ANI, "Today there are Puja is being conducted in name of Sultan, that the Tipu Sultan Marathas who suppose to be Hindu ruler broke the Sringeri, and Tipu being from a different community, goes and helps them and reveals them entire Sringeri and give that Sringeri the total whatever assistant was needed, even today they have recognized that and they have special prayer for him.

So what do have say about this, we have to live like brothers". He also said, "All Indians are brothers and sisters. In those days, kingdoms were different today the kingdom is India, as Indians as a country democratic country we are living, so we have to understand that".

Last year, after major clashes were witnessed in Karnataka over the celebrations of Tipu Sultan Jayanti, the state government had decided to make the event an annual affair.

Going forward, it will be celebrated on November 10 across the state. This decision was taken by the government based on inputs and detailed discussions held with historians and academicians.

The event will be organized at the Ravindra Kalakshetra each year. Three people lost their lives in clashes in Kodagu last year after outrage by anti-Tipu Sultan activists calling him a tyrant.

Source: ANI